Planning & Goal Setting For Your Business

Setting effective goals that are also achievable is a key part to any business. It does not matter what niche you are in, what you sell, what services you provide… without goals the success that […]

Case Study: How The Ordinary Became Extraordinary

Many people find that, as they grow older, as the world around them changes, they want to own and run their own business. It’s a great idea, but it’s not something that everyone can do, […]

Female Business Leaders That Changed The World

Once upon a time, if you thought of the definition of a business leader, you would immediately have thought of a man. Why? Because men were business leaders and women were not. It’s that simple. […]

Why Is Branding Important?

We’re all told that branding is an essential part of getting our company’s image right. And it is. But branding is about more than a memorable logo that can be used on all vehicles, clothing, […]

No Money? No Problem – How To Start A Business On A Shoestring


For many, starting their own business would be a dream come true, but due to lack of funds they don’t follow through on their plans. They think about it, wish for it, hope that things […]

Business Leadership Skills for Introverts

There are many different types of people – it’s what makes life interesting. And some of those people will be better at leading than others. You may think that it would be the extroverts who […]